Free Fire Advance OB29 Server Download, FF Code Update , Registration, Login, APK link

Advance Server Free Fire Update 2021. Here are the full updates of Garena Free Fire's OB29 ADVANCE Server Registration, Login, APK link, Activation key and much more. Players of FF or Free Fire game in India always want information about each Advance Server coming from this game. The new server is better than before. What will be the open and close time and the details of the activation code have been provided. OB29 FF Advance Server has been released after OB28. You can visit the site to download the OB29 updated Free Fire Advance Server. The APK download link of Advance Server is available on going down. Hack Diamonds, VPN information is given.

Free Fire Advance Server Download OB29

The players who play the Free Fire game are waiting very randomly to download Free Fire Advance Server APK Download in 2021. garena free fire game developers want to make this game more graphics oriented and user friendly. It is bug test before bringing any new features, update or anything else. Activation Code, APK is brought to everyone in the world only after passing it.

Therefore, before launching new features in ff, some limited players do pre-registration to identify bug hunting or problems. Any update comes in Free Fire only on the basis of feedback.

Game Garena Free Fire - rampage
Advance Server Name OB29
Indian Free Fire Server Open Time/Date 22 July
Indian Free Fire Server Close Time/Date 29 July
Status Open Online Now
Activation code Click Here for Key / Code
Install In PC Download Free Fire for PC
Official Website

garena free fire advance server

Free fire advance server

FF's Server Live Update. OB29 has been released. In this some features (Skin, wall, glow wall) have been excluded and the rest will be out very soon.

  • Advance Server is not yet available for PC and iOS.  Android Phone can have APK download of Advance Server of FF (Free Fire).
  • Gamers who register as soon as possible get the activation key.  no one else gets
  • The code is free, no money has to be paid for it. There are only limited sets to get this. 
  • The one who takes advantage of Advance Server gets a lot of Free Dimond.  which is valid for the same ID

Free Fire advanced server register (2021)

To register for Advance Server, joning date and time. To get free fire, you have to fill up free registration details. The date for OB29 Advance Server has come in August.  

To register the New server, there should be a code that will activate the account. Registering to join Advance Server in Free Fire game is very easy. You can register after doing the Step-by-Step Points written below.

  1. Go to the website which is the official website.
  2. sing-up with facebook account
  3. In the next step, enter Name, Email, Phone Number and Your Address in the form. It is necessary to do this.
  4. Click on Join Now Button and do Advance pre-registration.

After completing these 4 steps, enter the code. The process of login can be done in this way. If you face any problem then comment. You can pre-register for Advance Server in these ways

FF Advance Activation Code

How to get Garena Free Fire OB29 Advance Server Activation key. If you want to get Activation Code, then know this thing that only some special people get it. This code is used one-time. It is used to enter the Advance Server. Activation Code is available only from the official website.

Free Fire Activation Code for OB29 Advance Server is written in this article. You can see the date and time list which is given.

  1. Visit the Garena Free Fire website
  2. Enter login information and sign-in from FB social media
  3. Go to your Garena profile page and go to Download option
  4. Download OB29 FF Advance Activation code APK

Old Free Fire Advance Server

OB29 is the new and latest version of Garena Server. These are available to a certain number of people in all countries. This includes finding and reporting bugs of new game features. There are rules to join this. The one who has the activation code is given to download the Advance Server apk.

Here is the list of all FF Advance Servers that came before OB29. Whatever server is given in this list no longer works. Because bug hunting and its feedback of those servers has been taken.

OB29 (Update Live) 

List of Advance server of Free fire game. Download its APK in Android Phone. This is a popular game.

Free Fire Advance Server: Download From @

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