Best Electric Eyebrow Trimmer For Women in India 2021

The eyebrow plays an important role in completing the adornment of a woman. Until the grooming of the eyebrows is done, the look of women does not come out. That's why a complete review of the best eyebrow trimmer to remove hair has been done in this post.

Eyebrow Trimmer is a fashion tool that is used for instant facial hair removal. It is small in size and easy to use tool which every lady must have who also want to remove painless hair on their own.

Let me tell you that the best list of Eyebrow Trimmer which will be good for ladies. This is my BEST collection which is available in India which you should buy.

The 5 Best Eyebrow Trimmers Options to Consider:

  1. Veet – Best sensitive touch trimmer overall
  2. Panasonic –  Best eyebrow shaper hair Trimmer work for women
  3. Philips – body and face pen Trimmer work trimmer
  4. SYSKA – best Battery Operated Female Facial Hair Trimmer 
  5. Flawless – the painless eyebrow hair remover

#1. Veet – Best sensitive touch trimmer overall

Veet eyebrow trimmer

Veet Eyebrow Trimmer

  • Best Face, Underarms and Bikini line trimmer 
  • Weight - 200 Grams 
  • Quick and Gentle hair removal 
  • The 2-sided precision adjustable head allows for optimal eyebrow shaping
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Veet's eyebrow trimmer is a great hair removal tool that cleans your upper lip, delicate body parts. By using Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer, you get smooth skin and hair-free skin.You can use it for quick eyebrow touch-up.

#2. Panasonic – Best eyebrow shaper hair Trimmer work for women

Panasonic eyebrow trimmer

Panasonic ES2113P  Eyebrow Trimmer

  • Cordless
  • Battery operated
  • Easy to handle and use 
  • Slim blades
  • Weight 21 Grams 
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Panasonic ES2113P Eyebrow Trimmer is designed to gently remove unwanted hair from your skin. It gently and effortlessly shapes the hair on the face, chin and neck areas of your body. It comes with a comb which is used to groom your eyebrows. This is the Panasonic best Eyebrow shaper for women.

#3. Philips – nose and face pen Trimmer

Philips eyebrow trimmer

Philips Eyebrow Trimmer

  • Ideal for quick touch-ups
  • Precise face attachment
  • Small enough to fit in a handbag
  • AAA battery 
  • hygienic with the cleaning brush 
  • 2&4 mm eyebrow comb to uniform hair length 
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Phillips' Touch-up eyebrow trimmer which you can use to remove nose, ear and eyebrow hair. It reaches where you want to remove the hair. The philips trimmer works without any pain. Coming with high performance blades, this eyebrow trimmer is a good recommended item for Indian women who want ultimate comfort and effortlessly trim hair. 

#4. SYSKA – best Battery Operated Female Facial Hair Trimmer

Syska eyebrow trimmer

SYSKA's FT003 Eyebrow Trimmer

  • Painless hair removal
  • removable washable head and attachments
  • Ideal for facial and Bikini
  • Weight 225 Grams
  • non-rechargeable
  • Compact and protable design
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SYSKA has brought out the trimmer for bikini waxing. Cleans your sensitive areas with ease. It comes with a micro cutting blade that lets you remove hair from the skin without any cuts.

#5. Flawless – the painless eyebrow hair remover

Flawless eyebrow trimmer

Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer

  • create the perfect eyebrow shape.
  • suitable for all skin types. 
  • battery-powered function makes
  • The perfect gift for Mother, Girlfriend,Mothers day, Birthday.
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Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer is a good choice for professionals to use. Painless facial hair, eyebrows remover electric trimmer razor shaver. Precision tip helps remove unwanted hairs and maintain eyebrows, Target the smallest areas and remove fine hair

How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Trimmer For You

Buying an eyebrow hair remover or trimmer can be a daunting task for you until you know what are the things we should remember while getting a new eyebrow trimmer.

Trimmer and epilator for eyebrows were reviewed on this. best threading machine recommendations.


While buying an eyebrow hair remover, it is very important to keep in mind its size. Take only the trimmer that is easily holdable in the hands. You can take a philips trimmer to touch the hand by rotating 360° near the eyebrow.


Generally, the price of an eyebrow trimmer starts from Rs 500. Some good brands of eyebrow threading machines come above 1000 thousand. Women like to buy SYSKA , Panasonic.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers Online 2021

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